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NEARWEEK is aggregating and curating information across the NEAR ecosystem. This edition was crowdsourced via 36 news contributions to the NEWS DAO.

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Big things around the ecosystem:

NEAR Ecosystem is expanding rapidly. Source: NEAR Mates.

NEAR’s week by the numbers:

  • Total transactions: 39,734,526
  • Total accounts: 1,251,280
  • Weekly active accounts: WIP
  • Monthly active developers: 1163

Check out the full metrics dashboard here and last week’s metrics update here.

Executive Summary

MAD passed 1000! This shows that recent announcement of the partnerships, grants and events were able to attract real developer attention and engagements.

DeFi landscape at NEAR has been more and more active as indicated by the top active contracts and top account creation referral dapps, and predicted to increase more with the recent announcement of the DeFi grant with Proximity.

Traffic from countries outside of Asia increased significantly in the past two weeks, especially US, Russia and UK. This shows that we are able to attract more attention more evenly around the world.

NEAR Wallet week 42 Update:

  • Increased the quality of onboarded users and drastically reduced spam and fake accounts.
  • Investing resources to enable external open-source contributions to the codebase.
  • You don’t have to be a software engineer to contribute to the wallet roadmap, just leave a comment on the public roadmap!


  • 1.21 million accounts, +3.4%
  • 214k monthly active users, -18%
  • Multiple improvements on performance and error handling.


  • SputnikDAO metrics:
    • Total distributed all-time: 985,165 $NEAR 
    • Total transactions: 17557
    • Total DAOs: 228
    • TVL: 274,493 $NEAR 



Project Growth:







Open jobs in the NEARverse:

Join the ecosystem:

Other updates:

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