6 SEP – 12 SEP 2021 🌐

NEARWEEK is aggregating and curating information across the NEAR ecosystem. This edition was crowdsourced via 32 news contributions to the NEWS DAO.

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Big things around the ecosystem:

NEAR’s week by the numbers:

  • Total transactions: 28,679,165
  • Total accounts: 930,174
  • Weekly active accounts: 186,303
  • Monthly active developers: 883

Check out the full metrics dashboard here and last week’s metrics update here.

4 Week Transactions Overview:

NEAR Wallet week 36 Update:

  • Ledger Nano is back on Chrome and Brave! Go to, test it and leave your feedback on  support channels (In wallet UI or FAQ)
  • New account creation flow is coming! Wallet will ask for a mobile number or email to create “zero-funding” accounts. Test it at the same link as above and leave your feedback.


  • >780kNEAR accounts, + 20% since last week.
  • ~139,000 monthly active users, +12% since last week.
  • New coin-op and Ledger Nano libraries on staging.
  • Long-term vision of the new wallet is ready, going under internal review.


  • SputnikDAO metrics:
    • Total distributed all-time: 717,514 $NEAR
    • Total transactions: 13,257
    • Total DAOs: 206
    • TVL: 333,988 $NEAR



  • NEAR Core Engineering update available here.
    • Includes dev platform, wallet, node experience, node interface, core, contract runtime and DevRel reports.
  • Cryptographic Hash Functions with Evgeny Kapun.
  • Validators: A new version of nearcore 1.21.0 was released for mainnet.
    • nearcore 1.21.0 introduced a new protocol version, so once 2/3 of validators are upgraded, older nodes will get stuck. Thus, if you use Indexer Framework and run your own Indexer, it is time to upgrade. Please, follow this guide:
  • Validator AMA on Thursday, Sep. 23, 5pm GMT. Get your questions answered about the upcoming sharding change. Sign up now!
  • We’re steadily approaching the launch of Simple Nightshade which will lead to the launch of sharding on NEAR!

Project Growth:







Open jobs in the NEARverse:

Join the ecosystem:

Other updates:

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