21 – 27 JUNE 2021 🌐

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Big things around the ecosystem:

NEAR’s week by the numbers:

  • Total transactions: 10,335,892
  • Total accounts: 359,896
  • Weekly active accounts: 26,907
  • Monthly active developers: 512

Check out the full metrics dashboard here and the ecosystem weekly analytics update here.

Current Ecosystem:



  • Ref Finance is the leading DEX in the ecosystem. You can track data through Sodaki, a data analytics web app built on Ref Finance.
  • Liquality wallet is the first multi-chain browser extension wallet. It can now bridge to Polygon.
  • There’s been an increase in stablecoins issued through the Rainbow Bridge from Ethereum to NEAR.
  • $NEAR is now listed on Woo. $NEAR can access liquidity support across 20+ Woo-connected clients.
  • Nearium is the first IDO platform on NEAR, enabling cross-chain token and auction pools, allowing projects to raise funds on NEAR.





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  • Aurora helps solve the blockchain trilemma.
  • Check out the NEARCore engineering update for last week here.
  • Discussion about increasing the number of block producers here.
  • Experiment with wasm-global based gas metering (discussion and GitHub issue).
  • Multi-token standard discussion here.


Join the ecosystem:

  • Octopus Network is on the hunt for ambassadors. More information here
  • NEAR Crowd is changing lives! NEAR Crowd is a service that allows people to earn $NEAR by completing small tasks. Learn how to get involved here.
  • Here’s a step-by-step guide demonstrating how to stake $NEAR and earn rewards.
  • Check out June 2021’s Open Web Sandbox rewards and opportunities here.
  • Want to earn $$$? Check out these options on NEAR.

Other updates:

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