NEAR WEEK EDITION #7: 24 – 30 MAY 2021 🌐

The NEAR Ecosystem:

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Business / Regulation:

Stuff for Developers:

NEP / Standards:

Reports & Intel (WIP):

Source: NEAR Explorer check out the stats page here

Getting into the NEARverse (WIP):

Read the Recap of Near Town Hall Q2: The Creator Economy Emerges, watch the whole thing here and read Alejandro Van Beta’s AWESOME key takeaways on Twitter here!

For NEAR China, NEAR Russia, NEAR Vietnam

Upcoming dates of note:

  • Don’t forget the bi-weekly Createbase Community Call – register here
  • Q&A Sessions “OpenWeb creatorsandCommunities Hackathon” each Wednesday this May
  • Guild Leader Meetups – A place for Leaders of Creative Guilds: Get NEAR ecosystem updates and support. Also for community members to learn more about getting more involved. Join here every Saturday
  • June 2nd, 8:30pm AEST / 10:30am UTC, World’s first live NEAR NFT auction, check it out here!
  • June 3rd from 4pm-7pm, Miami, NFT Gallery Opening party with drinks, DJ and an experiential art installation. Check it out here!
  • Jul 20th-22nd – EthCC4 (Paris)
  • NEAR India guild for Covid-19. Check out and support the DAO here!

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Thank you for reading and have nice day in the NEARverse!

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