Apr 8, 2024

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 Nº 155 ·  MON  Apr 8, 2024



GM NEAR community (⋈),

We open this week's issue with a celebratory voice, joining the ecosystem in cheering a massive milestone as the Protocol just hit 1 billion total transactions on mainnet! This milestone underscores the rapid growth of NEAR Protocol, including a recent output of 11m daily transactions by +2m daily active users. This significant number is laying the marker for the next big milestones for the Protocol and the ecosystem.

Leading up to this achievement, we spotlight a hearty appreciation post from NEAR co-founder, Illia Polosukhin, to everyone working on NEAR, with a special mention to Head of Protocol, Bowen Wang and the protocol team. The post highlights the committee effort of the NEAR One team, led by Bowen, to achieve some of the Protocol's recent significant milestones, including:

- Dynamic resharding ensured a smooth addition of 2 shards on mainnet.

- The successful launch of Chain Signatures.

- Stateless validation incoming in Q2.

Let's keep on celebrating our wins, encouraging and helping each other out on our journey towards a unified open web.

This ecosystem is all of us.



Stay NEAR,
Mr. News



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