Sep 25, 2023

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Hello NEAR community (⋈),

We expand on last week's introduction to Hackbox, with more details about this revolutionary plug-and-play platform, by NEAR DevHub, designed for tech enthusiasts, community builders, and aspiring hackathon hosts to effortlessly organize impactful hackathons.

Hosts with prior experience, as well as newcomers with a passion for community-building, are invited to apply. Once approved, you'll gain access to exclusive resources and support. Inside Hackbox, you'll find a beginner-friendly guide, design assets, expert mentorship, templates for budgeting, marketing, and scheduling, bounty and judging guidelines, an allowance ($5k - $10k), and one-off access to TAIKAI—a comprehensive hackathon management hub. 

Hackbox simplifies the hackathon hosting process, empowers hosts to foster innovation, and further strengthens the NEAR ecosystem. In case you missed it, last week's Twitter Space was a good introduction to the product, with insights from the DevHub team. 

Join the Hackbox movement, apply now, and unlock your hosting potential.

Speak soon,
Mr. News


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